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144th Marketing Group

144th Headquarters Building

144th Marketing group has evolved into a company that offers full service to its manufacturers. In our new 25,000 sq. ft. facility, we house a personnel team that is completely focused on the needs of our manufacturers, as well as the needs of our regional sales managers in the field. We offer a complete graphics shop with 2 graphic artists on staff and full in-house production. This helps us create art; whether it be banners, signs, t-shirts, or vehicle graphics. We help our manufacturers go to market with as many tools under their belts as possible. As manufacturer representatives, we understand how to take their top of the line products and get them in front of the decision makers we work with every day.

Our regional sales managers, through years in the field, have developed great working relationships with the agencies and understand what they need and what they are up against. We equip our sales managers with the very best demo cars money can buy, providing our customers a true sense of what our manufacturers have designed for the communities we serve.

We work diligently to make sure that the new products our manufacturers create, get into the hands of the people at the agencies who need to see them. As a manufacturer representative group, we evolve with our constantly changing market to make sure that we can consistently be first. We represent both the customers we serve and the manufacturers we represent in the best way. In 2012, we received notice from our manufacturers that we were on the right track, as 144th Marketing Group won Rep Group of the Year and/or Rep of the Year for Streamlight and Jotto Desk. We are proud of this recognition and constantly strive to reinvent and improve ourselves. Like we always say, "Go Hard or Go Home!"